Reverse Psycho Logic

Freedom is a beautiful thing. I’m lucky to be a free artist again. But not everyone is as lucky as I am. A small small percentage get a straight shot in this industry, while the majority of the incredibly gifted artists in the system are stuck, unable to share their beautiful art or give it the backing or support it deserves. The industry makes you feel afraid to be honest. Afraid to share your story, because others hold the power to make the decisions over your life. Over your art. Over whether or not you get a chance to share it.

I joined forces with Carl Hitchborn recently. We started a new label called Reverse Psycho Logic AKA RPL. It’s built for the benefit of the artists. It has a foundation of values. It’s a new model where everyone gets taken care of. No one gets put on a shelf. Already developing my first artist and can’t wait to share.

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