No matter who you are, where you are, what you’re doing or the level of your status, it will be the people who surround you that bring true meaning to your life.


Conversation between my tour manager Piers, and capoeira instructor Tiba, while giving Piers treatment on his lower back pain…

PIERS:”I’ll take it wherever I can get it.” TIBA:”You’re so tight I’m afraid to push! PIERS: “Push! Keep pushing! Harder!!” TIBA: “I’m really going to get your hips to open up!”
PIERS: I think I’m sweating..I’ll never walk again. I just need this about five times a day and I’ll be fine.
TIBA: “Alright you’re good.”
PIERS: I feel much better.
TIBA: Actually…I feel good too!
PIERS: You gotta take whatever you can get, whenever you can get. I’ll be back for more soon!